Tufo Elite Jet 160g 28" Road Tyre

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Tufo Elite Jet 160g 28" Road Tyre

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Tufo Elite Jet has a guaranteed specified weight - less than 160 grams. Intended for time trials and road races with good surface. In spite of super low weight, this tyre has very good puncture resistance and mileage. Possibility of very high inflation pressure, resulting in absolute minimum rolling resistance.

  • Type: Tubular - The base tape is made of cotton. It absorbs the glue evenly, resulting in optimal bond between the rim and the tyre. - Tread: produced with rubber compound of activated silica + Silane VP Si 363 + Silane VP Si 363 (This innovative silane was designed specifically with the aim of improving the tyre key performance characteristics. Thanks to VP Si 363 tyre provides a lower rolling resistance by more than 10%, plus better grip under wet conditions and a smoother ride. A tyre tread with VP Si 363 has also higher durability and improves road safety by rain or shine conditions) - Protective rubber ply: located underneath the tread, indicates also tyre wear and higher possibility of punctures when showing through the tread. - Puncture proof ply: made of rubber cord composite with the cord angle very close to the direction of the tyre circumference, also decreases rolling resistance and increases power transfer. - The carcass plies are overlapped and joined underneath the threads, creating increased TPI (threads per inch) value and better tyre puncture resistance. - The carcass consists of two layers of rubber cord composite with reverse bearing cord orientation in each layer, joined with natural rubber matrix strengthened with silica. - Inside airtight layer is made of a special butyl-rubber compound. Very low air permeability of this layer means long intervals between tyre inflations. Solid bond between the airtight layer and the tyre carcass means lower rolling resistance.
  • Size: 28" / 20-622
  • Width: 20 mm
  • TPI: 210 EPI
  • Pressure: 10 - 15 Bar / 145 - 220 PSI
  • Weight: less than 160 grams
  • Color: black
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