Brake front SH BL-M675-B(L)BR-M675(F)950 black

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Спирачка пр.SH BL-M675-B(L)BR-M675(F) 950 черен
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High quality hydraulic disc brake and handlebar suitable for mountain bikes (MTB).
Brake Appliance Shimano SLX BR-M675
Monolithic brake caliper using enlarged diameter ceramic pistons for greater braking force.
Works with mineral oil.
Installation: Post Mount (international standard (IS) you will need an adapter)
Pad Type: Metal (F03C), Option - resin (G03S)
Radiators attached to the lining.
Material: aluminum
Extra heat control using disc rotors with the Shimano - Ice Technology system (the rotor construction is made of aluminum and stainless steel. Innovative design that reduces rotor weight and eliminates heat generated during braking. Provides longer lining life and releases less noise.)
Suitable overlays: Shimano G01A, G01S, G03S, G03Ti, G02A, G04Ti, J02A, J04C, F01A, F03C and Cox DBP-01.26
Black color
Shimano SLX BL-M675 handle
Servo-Wave ergonomic brake lever design: 25% faster braking contact and better braking power for more aggressive driving
Compatible with hydraulic disc brakes.
The steering wheel bracelet allows assembly and disassembly independent of the other components and is compatible with the I-Spec mounting system, through which you can use the same bracket to mount the brake lever and command.
Works with mineral oil.
Brake Lever Shape: for 2 fingers
Easy adjustment of access to the brake lever without tools.
Brake Hose Type: SM-BH90-SB
Black color
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