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Please carefully read the general terms and conditions below before using this website. By using it, you are deemed to accept and agree to the terms and conditions.
This document contains the General Terms and Conditions under which Velomania EOOD provides services to its users through its online store
These conditions bind all users. By charging the built hyperlinks located on the server serving or through payment for the use of paid services offered by him, the User agrees to fully accept and observe these General Terms and Conditions. Obligations under the Electronic Commerce Act (ZET) and the Consumer Protection Act (PPA). According to ZET and APP, we at are obliged to provide you with unhindered, direct and permanent access to the following information:

1. Name and address of Velomania EOOD, Sofia, 83 Gyueshevo Str., Business Center "Serdika";

2. Correspondence data - contact phone 0884 07 39 16, you can write to us at [email protected]

3. Velomania EOOD is registered under the Value Added Tax Act and all prices stated on are indicated in a clear and comprehensible manner and include VAT. Cost of delivery costs are NOT included in the prices of the goods, but you can see them on the Shipping and Payment page.

4. The authority controlling the activity of online store is the Consumer Protection Commission.

5. The basic information and characteristics of the goods are detailed on the presentation page of each product.

6. We do not impose any additional charge for using the means of communication with us.

7. Delivery and Payment Methods are described in detail on the Shipping and Payment Methods page.

8. The payment of the goods is in compliance with Article 93 (1) of the Obligations and Contracts Act (CPA) for which the relevant document is received.

General Terms and Conditions for Using the Site is an e-commerce website whose founder and owner is Velomania EOOD, which has been in the market for bicycles and bicycle parts for more than 15 years. The site offers on-line customized customer service, a very wide range of bikes covering all biking styles, as well as spare parts, tools and accessories of world-famous manufacturers who excel in impeccable quality.

Velomania EOOD gives you the right to upload and view all materials posted on this website for personal non-commercial use only, provided that you comply with all copyright and related notices. All images, pictures, texts, documents, databases and other information generated by the team of and / or Velomania EOOD are owned by Velomania EOOD and accordingly enjoy the protection of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and all relevant international instruments in force for the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as the relevant European Union acts (unless otherwise specified on the relevant site for the specific case).


In the case where you are applying for purchase of a product by UniCredit Consumer Financing EAD

You acknowledge that you agree that your personal data may be used for credit checks, either electronically or manually, in connection with the consumer credit you request, as well as in case of possible provision of such services by third parties, including UniCredit Bulbank AD (UCB) and after the conclusion of a contract between them and UniCredit Consumer Financing EAD (hereinafter referred to as "UCF") and you voluntarily consent to your personal data being included in a database and used for or in connection with your analysis of your obligations, in and claims, preventing money laundering and fraud, and also managing your credit. The agreement is intended to allow UCF EAD to verify your creditworthiness and to certify your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act by receiving inquiries from third party registers - private and state Personal Data Administrators located in the country as well as the Central Credit Register of the Bulgarian National Bank, the Expoteran Credit Bureau, the National Revenue Agency, the National Insurance Institute, etc., including data about your social security contributions, data about your employment contracts and social insurance and that your data be processed in accordance with Section 1, Section 5 of the Additional Provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. The consent is also intended to enable each of the above Personal Data Administrators to use your personal data to prepare and submit the mentioned reports / reports. You agree to and expressly authorize UCF EAD to provide for your credit risk assessment your personal and credit data, including payment history for all open and closed credit accounts on your behalf at Unicredit Bulbank AD, subject to Art. 2, para. 2, item 2 and 3 of the LPPD of the following categories of persons on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and beyond: UCS, other credit institutions and financial institutions, or alternatively: other providers of data services from a database. In addition, you understand that you have the right to access your personal data stored by third parties - Personal Data Administrators, and you have the right to request a change and update of your personal data under the terms of Chapter Five of the Personal Data Protection Act data.

You give this consent of your free will, knowing that it is governed by the Personal Data Protection Act and specifically by Art. 4, para. 1, item 2, Art. 19 and 36a and 36b of the same law, and you are notified that you have the right to refuse to give your present consent, in which case your request to provide the desired service may not be fulfilled.

You acknowledge that you are aware of the fact that UCF, UCB, and any other creditor (both present and future) have a legitimate right and interest in accessing credit registers in order to protect their interests, the interests of their management and partners / shareholders, as well as in order to ensure the regularity of its activity, according to the requirements of the law.

"UCF" EAD may also request additional information, including but not limited to recommendations from banks and other credit or financial institutions, to examine your credit history and current creditworthiness in all public and private databases, including but not limited to databases credit bureaus, state bodies and banks on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad as well as the databases of the subsidiaries of the Banking Group of "UniCredit", data controllers (hereinafter referred to as "administrators"). In this regard, the UCF has the right to disclose to the administrators your personal data provided to the UCF with this Agreement. You give your explicit consent that the results of the checks collected by the administrators for the purpose of the contract are stored on electronic media and on paper in your credit file. You grant the UCF the right to verify all data provided by you through independent sources by voluntarily giving your explicit consent to the UCF to use the data to perform your creditworthiness checks before providing any services or products, pending the existence of any contractual relationship between you and the UCF.

You have been notified of your right to access your personal file stored by the UCF. The address of UCF EAD for access to your personal data is Sofia, 14 Gyueshevo Str., 3, Sofia 1303, Bulgaria. At the same address, you can also get information about the addresses of the data controllers who have accessed your personal data. In case you are registered as a Sole Trader or Managing Owner of a Limited Liability Company (EOOD) and in connection with preparing for the conclusion of a Contract for granting a commodity loan or a loan with UniCredit Consumer Financing EAD, you give your explicit consent to the following: UCF EAD to request from the National Social Security Institute (NSSI), including through its information system, and to receive, in person or through other legal entities, the available data about: income and the insured payments made by your sole owner as well as other data that constitute trade secrets or personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) by authorizing the UCF EAD to use the information thus gathered for the purposes of your credit assessment, in connection with the granting of your name to a target merchandise / loan in compliance with the law relating to the protection of personal data and any other proprietary information; accrued insured income for the persons employed on the labor contract and provided by your company, amount of contributions made by funds, etc. data which could constitute a manufacturing or commercial secret.

By signing this Agreement, you agree with UniCredit Consumer Financing EAD to make a copy of your ID card, either electronically or in paper form, to be used and stored only for the purposes of the verification and approval of the credit agreement provided from the FCC. You agree to keep the copy in the credit agreement file as proof of your identification as a borrower. and Velomania Ltd. are not responsible for the content of images, pictures, texts, documents and other information generated by users of However, Velomania EOOD reserves the right to remove and / or modify at any time and at its sole discretion any user-generated material. Velomania EOOD allows you to use a title and/or a paragraph of text from the website in the volume and type provided through the RSS channel of the respective section of the website, provided that it is not for commercial purposes and does not cause damage to and Velomania EOOD and / or its partners and their services, with a clear text description of the name of and a link to the website of The way the link is opened should not mislead the user with and / or its partners and their services, not limit it to frames or otherwise bind it to another person on The information received through the RSS channel cannot be directly or indirectly modified, distributed and / or reproduced as derived RSS products. reserves the right to suspend the submission of information through RSS channels at any time without prior notice.

The use of texts and photos from the catalog part of is permitted for commercial purposes only under terms of an expressly signed agreement. Any reproduction, distribution, change, public display, etc. of the part or all of the contents of the website other than the above is forbidden and is prosecuted in accordance with the law unless expressly agreed by Velomania EOOD and / or its partners for the respective use.

The available links from this site to third-party sites are provided solely for your convenience. If you use these links, you will exit this site. does not control these sites and assumes no responsibility for any of them or their content. in no way imposes or recommends these sites to third parties nor the information published therein. By visiting some of these sites, you do so entirely at your own risk and at your own risk. Change in product prices / characteristics. All prices listed on this site are VAT inclusive and do not include shipping costs. Velomania EOOD reserves the right to change the prices on the site without first notifying its users as well as correcting the wrong technical and other parameters of the goods. Printing errors, differences in the color visualization of the user's computer configuration, and a change in product design are possible. In case of discrepancy with the actual and announced price, the customer will be informed promptly by phone. Users can always alert team about price and product errors in order to take timely action to correct them through the software that manages the site.

In case of technical mistakes in the publication of, Velomania EOOD reserves the right to refuse to execute the order (s) and shall not be liable in any way to the user except to reimburse the amounts paid by the consumer, if any. The user may refuse his order but if this happens after the order has already been sent, the customer owes compensation within the transport costs incurred. The reduced price is announced by placing the new price above the old one, below which is stated the discount percentage of the old price. Part of the information posted on this site may refer to products, services or programs that are not available and are not available at the time of order. For more information on the availability of a product (s), please contact us at the contact details given.

Limitation of Liability, its suppliers or third parties are not responsible under any circumstances for any damages (including damages of lost profits), loss of information or other data resulting from the use, inability to use or the results of the use of this site, as this is independent of the existence or non- existence of a warning against for the possibility of such damages. In the event that the use of this site or any material on it results in damages that require repairs, servicing or repair of goods, you will assume all liability and all costs associated with the repair of the damages. Protection of users' personal data Velomania Ltd. undertakes to protect the information you provide during your registration on the site. The personal data you provide is confidential and will not be provided to third parties (an exception here is the courier company that will serve your request). Their credibility is checked and they serve only to be able to complete your order correctly.

Refusal of the Goods

According to the CPA, you as a consumer are entitled, without indemnity or penalty and without giving any reason, to cancel the contract from a distance within 7 working days from the date of order: you have the right to cancel the ordered goods in a period of 7 working days from receipt in case they are not used, the integrity of their packaging is not impaired and they are in the form in which they were received. If a defective product is found up to 24 hours from its receipt and in case of undamaged trade of the goods and the packaging we undertake to replace it under the guarantee conditions of the respective manufacturer or to refund in full the value of the goods you have paid no later than 30 days according to Art.55 of the CPA as of the date on which you as a consumer have exercised your right of withdrawal. The transportation and other costs of receiving the goods are at the expense of the customer, and upon return of the goods - at the expense of the supplier. On receipt of the shipment, you must check the contents of the package of the goods with the request. In the case of violations of the appearance of the goods occurring during transport, you should contact the courier for the damaged shipment protocol. In the event of disputes of a different nature not covered by the above-mentioned conditions of use, reference is made to our company policy, the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act. We will do our best to remain satisfied with our service and to visit us again. For further questions, you can contact us at the email and phone numbers listed on the page.

Rules for writing and approving / disapproving comments / comments on products:

I. Using comments

Any user who publishes comments agrees with the Terms of Service for the Site outlined above on this page. is not responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and usefulness of user opinions.

II. Publish and evaluate opinions

Only registered users of have the right to post comments on the site. To do so, you need to fill in the following fields: Rating, Subject, and Text. You should also choose YES or NO under;Do you recommend this product.Publishing links (links) to external sites is not allowed. All posts are automatically posted as in the presence of a new comment, the site administrator is notified in due time. Post your opinions at once. Spam and fluid are inadmissible. Stick to the topic. You cannot post free opinions like "Hahaha", "Wicked!", "Very cool"; and the like, as they will not benefit the other users of Try to be objective.

III. Site users are entitled to:

1. Publish product-related opinions in

2. Add comments already posted to product (s).

3. Report inappropriate opinions to the administrator.

4. Appeal in writing through the site's contact form for a problem if they feel that their comments have been moderated / deleted improperly.

IV. The site administrator has the right to hide or delete posts when they contain:

1. Spam or unsolicited commercial messages.

2. Posts that are not related to the product being commented on.

3. Obscene or vulgar expressions, insults on racial, sexual, ethnic or religious grounds.

4. Insidious descriptions of physical, intellectual or moral attributes of specific individuals, including other commenting users on the site.

5. Pornography or content that violates copyright.

6. Personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

7. Content entirely in a foreign language.

8. The administrator reserves the right to correct spelling mistakes but has no right to edit / modify user comments.


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