The new C1 FUN is already here!


The favorite bike of those who love tricks and unorthodox riding, now has a new look and major improvements.

The C1 has always been and will always be a versatile and super fun bike to ride. It’s great for most basic freestyle tricks, pump tracks and big jumps. The bike is suitable for some mountain trails and 4X riding. It can take you from point A to point B in the city, as on the way you can fly over a curb with ‘ollie’, then hold on to a ‘manual’ and jump over a few steps.

Briefly about the new features:

C1 Fun replaces the legendary C1 Pro with a new look, new frame and new colors.

New universal geometry.It allows the maximum of all of the above mentioned styles- freestyle, pump track, street tricks, a little dirt and a lot of fun riding in the city and mountains.

Stronger frame.Reinforced mostly in the forehead area, seat tube and seat stays and the bottom bracket. All places where the more stubborn of you managed to damage the previous generation C1 have been reinforced. However, don't forget, there are no indestructible wheels and riders, take care of yourself and your equipment!

Horizontal dropouts - this allows for adjustment of the chain stay from 395 to 410 mm. What is more interesting, however, is the option to easily switch to one speed - single speed. Exactly! If you decide, you can easily drop gears and ride it as a single.

Tapered head tube - more strength and compatibility with all modern forks.

ISCG 05 installation of chain guide. Especially interesting for the fans of turns and mountain trails, on the new C1 can be reliably and safely installed almost all modern chain guides.

New look - nothing to talk about, we all like our bikes to look cool. The new C1 comes in three cool new colors - one for each of the three new kits.

Sizes - again two: M - more suitable for tricks and jumps, and L, which is more versatile for mountaineering and riding around the city.

Some other extras: Yes, there are many more extras. All variants of the C1 come with COX Stout stems and handlebars, COX Spawn saddle, external cable routing - simple and easy to operate, single speed hub regulators.

In conclusion: C1 remains loyal to its fans. It is far away from the standard bike for everyone. It is robust, reliable and super fun to ride. It has many opportunities for improvements and personalization and is an optimal start for anyone who is passionate about freestyle, dirt, street and those who want to run away from the boredom in normal cycling. All of this is available without ruining your budget.

The concept is clear! There have been many improvements done and they will give you even more from the already tested formula. Enough reading, it's time to ride now!

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